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Now Offering

Accelerated Resolution Therapy

for the treatment of trauma, anxiety & depression

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Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Enjoying Nature

5 Star Google Rating

Online or In Person appointments available

Experience Working with Teens and Adults


 Karyn Bramanti-McGuire

Master Accelerated Resolution Therapy Practitioner
Yoga Teacher

Can you imagine how it would feel to be free from symptoms of anxiety, depression and trauma?

I will teach you the brain science behind your symptoms.  

You can become an expert in greatly reducing and managing symptoms of anxiety, depression and trauma.  You can learn how to become a master in silencing that inner critic. 

My clients appreciate my warm and competent approach.

They love being understood, empowered and supported. 

If you choose, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, gentle movement, mindfulness & breath work can be incorporated into counseling sessions to help manage symptoms & increase well-being.

Online and in person appointments available for adults and teens age 14 and up. 

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Are you living with symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression or stress and struggling just to make it through the day?  Are you facing difficult life challenges or living with a loved ones addiction? 

Would you like to find peace in your life, even when dealing with challenging people or circumstances?


Finding Peace: Counseling, Wellness & Yoga LLC provides hope and healing when needed most.   

Also offering Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). 

ART is an evidence based technique, that uses eye movements to provide rapid recovery.  ART has been proven effective in treating symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief and more.

Counseling is  available for individuals age 14  and up.  

If you are ready to to find peace and contentment, even when dealing with life's most difficult challenges then contact us today. 

Click here for more information about Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART- an eye movement therapy similar to EMDR).




Support That Makes a Difference

Specializing in Trauma Informed Care

for adolescents and adults (age 14 and up)


Areas of Expertise include:

Accelerated Resolution Therapy


CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Coping Skills

DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)


Education / School Concerns

Family Issues

Goal Setting


LGBTQ+ Ally & Advocate


Safety Planning

Stress Management





 $150 - $200 per session


Accepting  Aetna, Optum, Oscar, Oxford

 and United Health Care.

Check your Insurance benefits below

What is my co-pay?

 Please contact us for self-pay rates.

Sliding scale fee will be considered upon request based on income.

Want more information? Sign up for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation.

Cash, credit HSA &  debit cards accepted.  

Payment is collected at the beginning of each session.

48 hour notice is required for cancellation otherwise a fee will be charged.

Offering online and in person therapy.



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NEW clients please call, email  or text for more info

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